Software - By implementing a Rapid Application Development approach, HAHN Spring would encapsulate IVHM techniques into low-cost prototype software. HAHN Spring can configure the prototype software for a variety of purposes; the software can be supplied as:

  • A standalone software system,
  • A web-based application targeted at the fast on-line visualization and analysis of big datasets,
  • A prototype generating requirements to evolve/improve a target IVHM system, or
  • A prototype demonstrating how to link existing IVHM resources and bestow on them modern efficient characteristics.

HAHN Spring provides standalone and web-based software targeted at the fast visualization and analysis of big datasets.
© Copyright 2015 HAHN Spring Ltd.
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Diagnostic Summary

View a complete diagnostic overview of your system on one screen.
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Raw Signal

Scroll, zoom, and examine the raw signal in detail and determine whether it has exceeded normal thresholds.
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Signal Probability Distribution Analysis

Display an estimate of the signal probability distribution, find out how normal the data is, and determine if there are any outlying data points.
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Energy Bands

Display the signal energy over frequency bands and determine where the energy is located within the bands.
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Feature Severity

Display any number of selected features and display the severity of their deviations from normal.
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Feature Values

Display tabulated values of a selected number of features along with the diagnostic region of each feature and the severity of its deviation from normal.
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Diagnostic Condition Severity

Display the severities of the conditions, faults, and failure modes that were diagnosed across the flights/journeys/acquisitions made during a selected operation/period.