Stakeholders - In an increasingly competitive market, there is an ever-present requirement for improving the performance of high value aerospace assets and efficiently managing them at reduced maintenance costs. This requirement has created a growing interest in IVHM:

  • A large number of academia and small businesses are focusing on developing IVHM technologies;
  • Aerospace system suppliers are focusing on maturing these technologies and hosting them within IVHM systems;
  • Major aircraft manufacturers are focusing on evaluating IVHM technologies and systems, and integrating them within aircraft products and services;
  • Aircraft operators are considering programmes to retrofit IVHM capabilities or build them into new aircraft platforms;
  • Airworthiness regulators are interested in the development of guidelines describing how to qualify each emerging IVHM capability and approve its use within aircraft operational infrastructures.
HAHN Spring works closely with IVHM stakeholders to evolve powerful technologies and services.
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