Big Data - The term Big Data often refers to advanced analytics capable of, repeatedly at high Velocity, uncovering hidden values from huge Volumes of Varieties of data. The advanced analytics are often capable of accessing data across distributed storage locations and are often associated with cloud based-computing. Several commercial organizations are offering their own Big Data solutions. However, many organizations do not use commercial solutions because of security concerns, proprietary requirements or specific analytical needs. HAHN Spring can provide a solution that addresses all of your concerns and can tailor the solution to your specific requirements.

For example, your huge datasets may be stored at a remote location or at several locations worldwide. From their local offices, your engineers, scientists and developers would like to operate on the remote datasets to view, interrogate, analyse and apply specialised algorithms on the data. HAHN Spring can provide a solution allowing you to:

  • Operate on large complex datasets stored remotely,
  • Efficiently view and analyse the data using any web browser on any authorised computer,
  • Use your own preferred interrogation and analysis techniques,
  • Use additional tools provided by HAHN Spring, which include signal processing analysis tools, statistical analysis tools, generic IVHM algorithms, and diagnostic / prognostic algorithms.
HAHN Spring can tailor their Big Data Solution to allow viewing and analysis of huge datasets in remote locations.
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