Validation - The core functions of IVHM are: (a) detection of faults using dedicated sensors, and (b) monitoring the factors that eventually induce faults and grow them to critical sizes threatening safety, integrity, or operability. Because of the initial costs required to develop, produce and install IVHM systems in each aircraft, conclusive evidence confirming correct core functionality would be required to encourage the procurement of the systems.

Collecting validation evidence during laboratory tests would never provide the conclusive proof of correct functionality for the aircraft complex assembly. The ultimate proof of correct functionality is validation evidence, e.g. crack detection, observed during the operation of the aircraft. However, the occurrences of such faults are infrequent, and hence, years of flight tests might be required to collect evidence.

Therefore, a validation approach should be developed to illustrate how to extrapolate from laboratory tests to actual aircraft. HAHN Spring would implement their unique experience to develop such a validation approach for your target system through independent consultation and contributions. The company efforts would be concluded by developing guidelines describing how to qualify your system for maintenance applications and demonstrate compliance with relevant airworthiness regulations and operating rules.

HAHN Spring develops conclusive validation approaches to encourage the procurement of your IVHM technologies.
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