Evaluation - By implementing experiences gained from work with various stakeholders, HAHN Spring would evaluate IVHM (architecture, technologies, diagnostics, prognostics, etc.) through investigations, reviews, analyses, simulations, validation plans, technology assessments, cost benefit analysis, and market research. The company independent efforts would identify any hidden weaknesses or overlooked strengths; they would deliver clear views on how to accelerate progress and fill identified gaps through proposals, roadmaps, and plans describing the approaches and activities required for maturation. These activities will support IVHM growth, for example, through:

  • Independent System Assessments: identifying technological potentials and gaps and assessing the system capability and architecture.
  • Independent Market Assessments: liaison with customers to identify the capabilities they require for existing platforms or for new designs and projects.
  • Independent Proposals for Maturity and Integration: (a) developing technology maturation proposals, and (b) proposing system integration requirement covering modified interfaces, supporting software tools, and architectural modifications that facilitate integration.
HAHN Spring independently evaluates your IVHM technologies to provide recommendations for accelerated progress.
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